When the world shouts stands sprints ,
we whisper sit jog .

We are rule breakers
and decision makers

Today‘s complex business issues challenge thinking and ask for a diverse approach and disruptive reappraisal of conventional solutions. We are ready to break the rules in order to break the barriers. Strategy and innovation need sound analytics, creativity - and courage. We have the experience and processes in place to do it.
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Core competencies


Brand strategy

  • Brand analysis & audit

    We conduct a detailed assessment of your brand’s health in its current state. The goal is to get a fundamental understanding of the brand’s sources of equity and ways to improve and leverage that equity.
  • Brand building

    We build your new brand identity from scratch starting from brand essence, personality, values, benefits, attributes to the brand name, logo and C-I.
  • Brand portfolio strategy

    We help define the structure of the brand portfolio and the scope, roles, and interrelationships of the portfolio brands. Thus we will create synergy and clarity within the portfolio to have relevant, differentiated and energized brands.
  • Segmentation, targeting & positioning

    We help to develop a solid and well thought through market segmentation, target consumer profile and brand positioning. This enables to occupy a meaningful, distinctive and sustainable position in target consumer's minds.
  • Brandfolks Academy

    We offer training in essential brand management tools such as brand identity models, brand positioning, strategic planning, consumer insights & consumer journey, target consumer profiling. Either in our facilities or in-house at your company. Just contact us for an individual agenda.

Marketing insights

  • Consumer journey

    The consumer journey mapping identifies the touch points where consumers are most receptive to brand communication. This helps to invest marketing funds into the right channels, platforms and media.
  • Consumer safari

    In depth individual interviews in a real life habitat reveal the underlying motivations of people’s behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. This is a on-site research to get a vivid picture of consumers and how products and services fit into their daily lives.
  • Consumption occasions

    This tool helps develop a detailed view about the ‚when‘ (time) and ‚where‘ (place) of consumption among the 5W’s. Aligning business goals against key occasions will help identify core opportunities at a brand and most important portfolio level.
  • Target consumer profiling

    The target consumer profile is the starting point of all our marketing decision. It helps us to define the core of who we want the brand to communicate to. The right target consumer profile will help create spill-over effects to a wider audience.
  • Ethnographic research

    We use this methodology to observe people and their actions to find out what they really do versus what they say they do. We immerse in the world of consumers and identify their unmet needs. We will dive e.g. into shops, cafés, food places and music events where consumers interact and experience brands but also where we can learn about their lifestyles. Contact us for an individual field visit schedule.

Business development strategy

  • Route to market strategy

    After developing the RTM strategy we screen and evaluate potential distribution partners for your portfolio in Germany. These companies will be selected based on key criteria defined together in the beginning of the project.
  • Distributor search

    We contact and meet potential partner companies to assess options for distributing your brands.


  • Explorative workshops

    We leverage agile techniques as a powerful innovation tool to generate disruptive ideas for new products, experiential platforms, services or problem solutions in general. We combine creative approaches with brand strategy tools to create strong synergies.
  • New product development

    We help with the complete NPD process starting with market analytics, consumer trends, financial guardrails and the development of the new product. Weather you are looking for a super-premium line extender, a licensing product or a clean label brand: we are ready to start this project with you.
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