Ignite minds and conversation.

Why do we do it?

To change perceptions
of the modern day brand
in a connected world.

It’s what inspired us to be here and it’s what inspires us to this day. A great idea should transcend barriers, culture, and rules. We believe brands should be a gripping experience and an assault on your senses, not just your taste- buds. We work with our partners to create innovative, socially conscious and consumer-centric solutions that are timeless, not disposable.

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Brandfolks story


I’m constantly fascinated by how the most effective brands communicate with us. Not just how they look, but how they talk. Not just how they feel, but how they make you feel. Successful campaigns employ a penetrating insight and unlock opportunities through an understanding of consumer motivations.

I ’ve always loved sinking into cultures and meeting people with different backgrounds and experiences. The most extraordinary ideas came from people of different opinions and biography. It’s this that made me realise a successful brand - no matter where it’s from or what it’s saying is tied together by one thing that transcends barriers – a big idea. After managing the portfolio of global beverage brands for many years, Brandfolks was formed with a vision to create a marketing consultancy that is truely leveraging diverse thinking.

We live to connect brands to people and cultivate experiences that ignite minds and conversation allowing us all to have something in common.


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Oliver Heimburger


Lean, mean and
full of drive.

Brandfolks has core competencies in four areas: brand strategy and planning, consumer insights, distribution management and innovation thinking. We’re based in Europe but our consumers are global citizens, and this means our work needs to consider culture, ethics and opinion. We believe in the power of the consumer. This allows us to be succesful in solving brand issues and addressing opportunities. And ultimately the measure for our success is our clients‘ success.

We're based in the
heart of Europe

We understand every process is unique, just like you. That’s why we work together with our clients to capture the spirit of their brand and vision. Our partners fuel our passion. Our door is always open and we’re easily accessible. We’re ready to introduce you to Europe or announce you to the world.

There's no place
like home

We’re proud to call the beautiful city of Hamburg our home. From music, art, dance, and romance to groundbreaking agencies and creativity. Hamburg has it all. We have been working in the centre of Hamburg for a while now and we’re qualified enough to help you find your way around.

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