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Brandfolks is an independent marketing consultancy.

We are Expert Responsible Consumer-centric Collaborative

We have extensive experience in portfolio strategy development, brand positioning, distribution network management and marketing strategy. We form long-standing relationships with our partners through common trust and our appreciation of different expertise. We work with brands globally, and that demands a strong sense of ethics, sustainability, and responsibility. That’s why we’re driven to create socially conscious and consumer-centric solutions that are a strong return on investment, and timeless. It’s impossible to change what’s possible if you don’t understand what already is. Our holistic, approach gives us the insight into consumer motivations and opinions to understand the possibilities. When the world shouts, we whisper. We work closely with our partners to both support and challenge thinking. We believe every project, and every process is unique, just like you. We use a multidisciplinary approach to listen, understand and help with the most critical issues and opportunities.

We capture the spirit of every brand

Being an independent consultancy means we’re lean, mean and full of drive. We roll our sleeves up to work with you on a one-to-one basis to really integrate your company’s vision. This allows us to create socially conscious, profitable and sustainable work we can all be proud of.

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